what do we offer?

If you form part of an entrepreneurial team and have an innovation, business idea, solution, design or project that meets a need any other digital field associated with the web environment or mobile software, even if we do not yet know about it, whether or not you have created a company, Wayra can help you make it come true.


Video services and digital home
Cloud Computing
financial Services
Big data

Smart Cities
social Innovation
Network and systems

mobile Applications
Social networks and
Internet applications

more than

If your project has been chosen to enter Wayra, in the first six months you will receive funding of up to EUR 50,000 depending on the project’s assessment in terms of the level of maturity and need.

After that initial phase, Wayra will continue to collaborate with the most attractive proposals chosen, helping them to access private financing (financing rounds) and public funding (grants, subsidies, etc.) through our network of Business Angels, mentors and partners, as well as providing support to obtain further private financing (financing rounds) and public funding (grants, subsidies, etc.).

After completing their proposal at Wayra, the projects will be analysed by Amerigo Venture Capital Network Funds, which will be launched by Telefónica in the near future. Amerigo are open platforms, with several co investors that share the same objective: to accelerate high value added companies.



Day-to-day running of the business.



Legal advice, including, where applicable, advice on how to obtain patents and protect a design’s intellectual property.


Direct monitoring by the Wayra management team.

tech support

Through Telefónica I+D, one of the leading private R&D centres in Spain in terms of activity and resources.

This means that, if the opportunity is worth it, you will be able to access its technological know how in key areas so that you can develop your idea such as future communications in mobility, virtualization, cloud computing, advanced user modeling, smart cities and smart grids, and new video technologies (augmented reality, 3D, etc.).

Telefónica I+D is currently a benchmark for research in the following fields:

  • SW development and architecture
  • Mobile applications and platforms
  • Communications networks
  • Internet and web technologies
  • Databases
  • Real-time computing
  • User interfaces and usability

as well as for the innovation process using fast-track software development methods (Scrum, xTreme Programming, etc.) and fostering open development platforms and environments (Bluevia).

Wayra space


A Wayra workspace in each country.

An avant-garde, stimulating and creative environment in each of the 9 countries that includes: the use of the space, basic infrastructure as well as administrative support.