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23 Ene 2014

Latest News in the Wayra Family

Today we have important news to share about Wayra.

Charmaine Eggberry, who manages the current cohort of start-ups in the UK with strong commitment and passion for sharing her experience, decided to handover the reigns of running Wayra UK, focusing on her non-executive roles. Moving forward her portfolio will include helping Wayra UK as a strategic advisor to our start-ups. 
The good news is that Gary Stewart, currently responsible for Wayra Spain, has accepted the challenge to run the Wayra Academy in London.
We always say that Wayra will work hard to drive change and create opportunities for talented entrepreneurs, and we take this as a commitment inside Wayra as well.
Gary played a key role in Wayra's growth over the last two years managing Wayra Spain and leading academies in both Madrid and Barcelona. Now, he will take responsibility for both Wayra UK and Wayra UnLtd, which is home to 30 exciting start-ups. 
Gary will join the Wayra UK staff from mid-February when the new cohort of start-ups enters the Academy.
We are thrilled and excited for what will come next for Gary and this next Wayra chapter. 

So thank you Charmaine and remember once Wayra, always Wayra!