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Instant Controls and Insights for Smarter Spending and Simpler Expenses
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From travel expenses to everyday company spending, Soldo is the ideal spend control platform. Soldo automates cumbersome payment and expense processes, saving companies precious hours. This powerful productivity boost is underscored by the real-time control, transparency and insight that Soldo offers within a couple of clicks.

Soldo’s spend control platform comes with integrated prepaid Soldo Mastercard® cards, a web-based admin dashboard and a mobile app.

With Soldo, businesses can empower employees to make purchases on their behalf, yet retain total and constant control. Using the Soldo mobile app, employees can add crucial data to each transaction, such as photos of receipts, as well as notes and tags. All made visible in real time. Soldo generates expense reports in only a couple of clicks, that permit an entirely new level of, insight. Soldo’s expense reports are compatible with all major accounting software. The time and tedium traditionally involved in expense reporting is eliminated.

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