Startup with IBM

Startup with IBM gives startups the technology they need to launch and scale their project with IBM Cloud

Build Bigger With IBM: Get up to $120,000 in IBM Cloud credits to integrate your solutions with leading-edge technologies to deliver more innovation and value to your clients
• Add AI functionality to your startup simply through Watson API's
• Launch on both Bare Metal and Virtual servers
• Utilize GPUs, CPUs, Bandwidth, Storage, and More
• Use the IBM Blockchain to simplify the developmental, governmental, and operational aspects of creating a blockchain solution
• Store your data with Cloud Object Storage
• And much more: Weather data, IoT, DevOps, Security...

Sell Smart With IBM
• Expand your customer base and opportunities so your business can sell more and scale bigger.
• You create your solution listing on IBM Marketplace and gain global exposure to IBM customers and partners.

Type of deal: Receive between $12K and $120K for one year in monthly IBM Cloud credits.

Offer ends in: 12/01/2020

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